As Energy Advisors, we are trained to give home buyers, builders and renovators tips and direction to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their home.

While there are many labeling programs – EnerGuide*, ENERGY STAR® and BUILT GREEN.

We can guide you on what adjustments and changes are needed to improve the energy consumption of your home.

You can expect your BC HomePerformance Energy Advisor to conduct specialized tests and procedures including …

Blower door test to determine your home’s ventilation and leakage
Assessment of your home’s insulative qualities
Detailed examination of your BC home’s structure
Tour of “air leakage” trouble spots in your home
Analysis of your heating and cooling equipment’s efficiency
Explanation of how your BC home loses the most energy, and more …

As your BC HomePerformance Energy Advisors, we are unbiased, independent experts, and are certified by the Government of Canada.

The ecoENERGY recommendations you receive for your BC home are based on your priorities and energy savings goals, and on your BC home’s specific energy use patterns.

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