Single-Family Dwellings:

services offered:

We offer the following services for Single-Family Dwellings to assure they meet all Energy requirements:


Built Green Consulting

Guidance and consulting for homes to design and build projects for certification under the Built Green program.

LEED Consulting

Guidance and consulting for homes and buildings to design and build projects for certificationĀ under the LEED rating systems.


Energy Modeling

Modeling of homes and buildings as per plans and specifications to predict energy efficiency. Includes an energy model report.


Air Leakage Testing

Testing of homes, buildings, and units to ensure building and unit air tightness. We conduct 8-point tests testing and can offer infrared photos and/or the use of smoke pencils to identify points of leakage.

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring of electrical energy usage over various periods as needed. Data can be collected on a weekly or monthly basis, and a full energy monitoring report is included.

EnerGuide Ratings

Modeling of homes and buildings as per plans and specifications to produce EnerGuide Ratings. Also includes administration of files and documentation to NRCan to issue corresponding EnerGuide label.

TECA Combustion Safety

Depressurization testing of homes and buildings to ensure combustion gases are properly ventilated. ES can also provide any of the TECA required Mechanical Ventilation Checklists.

Thermal Bypass Inspection + Review

Instruction and education of builder and trades of standards to meet building air tightness requirements, followed with inspections of homes + buildings prior to drywall stage in order to ensure correct installation of insulation and air barrier

HRAI Calculations

HRAI (Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Institute of Canada). EnerSaver will conduct heat load calculations for residential, multifamily (room by room) units for heating and ventilation contractors.

HRAI Commissioning

Commissioning to ensure design and installation of residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems has been done correctly for occupant comfort, increased system efficiency, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Passive Solar Design

Guidance and consulting for homes and buildings to take advantage of solar energy through passive measures and techniques.

Green Building Education

Educating builders on strategies and goals for sustainable building, and educating home owners and building managers about green building features and systems to increase building efficiency and durability.