City of North Vancouver


Regulations for Development


If you are a property owner who wishes to build or use your property in a way that falls within the City’s existing regulations, you can simply apply for a building permit / and Energy Efficient bylaws for New Buildings.

However, if you are a developer looking to build or develop a property that does not fit with the City’s existing regulations, you may apply for Council permission by submitting the appropriate development application(s). Essentially, your development application is a formal request for a change to one or more of the City’s existing regulations. When Council receives a development request, they will seek input from City staff, advisory bodies, and the public before deciding whether to grant permission for the development.

There are also three sets of municipal documents which guide the City’s development decisions. The policies listed below outline the types of buildings that can be developed and how they may be used:

  1. Official Community Plan
  2. Zoning Bylaw
  3. Construction Regulation Bylaw

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