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Built Green

When green building techniques and technologies are incorporated into your dwelling or building, it becomes more sustainable, energy efficient and healthier system functioning system.

BC Step Code

The BC Energy Step Code does not specify how to construct a building, but identifies an energy-efficiency target that must be met and lets the designer/builder decide how to meet it.

EnerGuide Compliance

The EnerGuide standards for new and existing homes look at the energy performance of houses. Certified Energy Advisors use it to calculate the energy consumption of your home.

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Building Science


Building Envelope Consulting


Energy Audits


Rezoning Applications


Thermal Bridging


Federal Grants / Rebates


Energy Modeling for Part 3 Buildings


Air Tightness Consulting


Net Zero Homes


Part 3 Buildings Blower Door Testing

The best Energy Consultants in Lower Mainland. The service, consultation, and design is a one stop shop. The blower door test technicians are very knowledgeable, can detect leaks and trouble spots at mid construction. The final reports are available without much wait.




single family dwellings


part 3 mixed use buildings, multi-unit townhomes and condominiums

Our Clients

Amazing service, super friendly, Harvey was able to help when we had scheduling difficulties and found time to come out to offer his services when we were in a crunch! Highly recommended, he will not dissapoint, goes above and beyond!

Sanj Purewal Avatar Sanj Purewal

They are expert guys

babak farhatnia Avatar babak farhatnia

I’ve been involved with the construction industry for about 30 years and are learning to evolve with the ever changing requirements as we move to a greener future. It is refreshing to deal with Harvey at Enersaver because he seems to really care about the work he does and doesn’t want to cut corners like other companies we have dealt with in the past. Ultimately, he takes the time to answer his phone and educate his clients to be better builders and make more efficient homes.

Jay Dhesi Avatar Jay Dhesi

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